This is the Philco High Fidelity stereo system Model G-1909S manufactured in 1959. Gorgeous high gloss mahogany cabinets with gold trim accents. We have added Bluetooth technology so that you can stream your favorite songs wirelessly from your phone or Bluetooth enabled device. The speakers have a nice rich, full sound. They originally came with 15ft of wire which is what you see wrapped on the back of the speakers.
The cabinets have a great Art Deco style to them. The wood and and original fabric are in excellent condition with only light surface marks/scuffs typical of age. The original AM/FM radio/board is tube driven and does power on. All lights light up, the tubes light up, all knobs and buttons work as they should and the entire piece is in pristine condition, however no sound comes out of the original stereo. This could be as easy as replacing a tube or it could be a more complex issue. We removed and cleaned several of the tubes, one was missing a few pins - so that might be the issue. We did not delve further into the board or sourcing parts as most our of customers prefer to not use the tube system.
For all of you vintage audio aficionados, we have not altered anything in the original system. We added speaker wire inputs onto the back of the speakers because the original inputs are vintage 5 pin (which are not made anymore). We also only attached the Bluetooth amp with velcro so as to not put holes in the original cabinet.
The turntable is original to the system. It does turn as can be seen in the video shown here: The turntable does run thru the original tube board so no sound can be heard.
We cannot restore or retrofit to everyone's preference as there are many uses and opinions for vintage audio consoles, (and if we did that the price would be much higher). Some may want to fully restore the original where some may want to completely rip out and add a new system that has the "old look". This is why we kept everything original but added the additional speaker inputs and Bluetooth so you are free to do what you want with this unaltered piece.
If you are looking for a gorgeous 1950's stereo system where you can listen to your favorite playlist from your phone or Bluetooth enabled device, this is it. You have many options of how to retrofit this to your specific needs.
You can view a video of the stereo system playing here:

Bluetooth Mid Century Philco High Fidelity Stereo System - 1959


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