Rented An Apartment Lately?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

As most of you know, we have not been able to live in our home since September 12th due to contractor negligence. During this entire process of insurance approval and attorneys we have been jumping from rental house to rental house with the help of Airbnb and VRBO. We have stayed at some great places and overall its been a really good experience given the circumstances.

We were hoping by mid November this whole mess would be behind us, but unfortunately we are most likely looking at another month. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, there are zero rentals available. So we had the choice of putting a tent in our backyard and showering at the gym or renting a furnished apartment for a month. We had no idea what we were in for.....

In my 20's and even a few years in my 30's I rented more apartments than I care to think about. Not the ideal living situation, but it works when there are no other options and you know you won't be putting down roots in a particular city for very long. In situations such as those you accept being able to hear people at all hours through your walls, smelling what everyone is cooking for dinner, and generally never having complete privacy.

Well, today we both got a wake up call, the loud abrupt kind. At the Airbnb and VRBO houses the process is pretty simple. We book the house, pay the rent and get the key. Sometimes there is a "confirm your email" or "confirm your Facebook profile so we know you're not a hacker" but that's about it. Apparently that's not how things work at apartment complexes anymore....

We called to rent a furnished apartment for 1 month. ONE month, no longer....basically we are renting an extended stay hotel room. First we applied online. Then we had to go into the office, fill out an additional application (no idea what they did with the first one), and then initial and sign a 12 page lease document. Then they had to run our credit. They wanted copies of paystubs, W2's etc....did I mention we paid upfront? For the entire rental period consisting of 1 month? There is no credit needed. We are applying for nothing. We already paid...all of it. But hey, we like hits on our credit for no reason...

Then we're told we are required to purchase renters insurance.....for what?? Our 5 shirts we have been wearing for 2 months now? It's your furniture not ours, so what are we insuring exactly? But gets better.....

We are then required to get parking tags for each of our vehicles because they do tow. We are required to put apartment complex tags on our dogs anytime they are outside or they will not be allowed on the property.....and lastly.....we are required to bring in our dogs so they can get samples of their DNA. When did this become a thing? If there is a problem with people not picking up their dogs poop then pay someone once a week to pick it up off your property. You are already paying someone to pick it up apparently and then paying to test its DNA?? Is this not insane to anyone else? Oh and if it is found to be your dogs DNA in that dung....its a $200 fine.

Life is laughable at this point. We are so tired of paperwork, red tape and the system in general....and this just literally....made our day.

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