This is a list of our most frequently asked questions, for something specific please contact us directly

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Please click here for all of our business policies as well as our terms and conditions

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship nationwide to all areas in the United States. We also ship most anywhere in the world - please contact for an exact quote. Some exclusions do apply as to where some shippers do not deliver. Please contact with questions about specific areas.

Free shipping only applies to the continental US.

How long does freight shipping take and what is the process?

White glove shipping is unlike small package shippers such as Fedex and UPS in that they only have a handful of trucks that run the entire country. They are only in your area for a short amount of time before moving on. White glove shippers average delivery window is 4-6 weeks. They will call you a day or 2 in advance with a day/time (usually a 2 hour window) for delivery. The professional white glove shippers we use will blanket wrap, ship, insure, deliver/place inside your home, and unpack/dispose of packing materials. Their schedule is dependent upon customer availability and can change frequently.

If you are in more of a hurry, we do utilize LTL shippers that deliver anywhere from 5 - 20 days after packing/crating. They offer curbside delivery only.  LTL shipping requires professional packing and palletizing. You are responsible for getting the item inside your home and disposing of the packing materials. Contact for more details on the 2 shipping options we currently use.  Some items are not eligible for LTL shipping. 

For a more extensive and detailed response please see our blog post "What the Heck is White Glove Shipping".

Are you affiliated with any shipping companies?

No. We are in no way affiliated with any shipping companies. We have several professional companies that we utilize , however (just like when you ship something) we have no control over the speed, schedule, nor anything that happens during shipment, nor control of any rude employees of that shipping company. When reviewing Dirty Girls Restoration please keep in mind that you are reviewing us and not the shipping company as we are not affiliated with them or their company policies.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our website is secure checkout via Paypal. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). We can also accept payment via the phone if you prefer.

No cash or checks are accepted. Additionally we sell on numerous platforms with multiple payment methods. 

We do not hold items without payment or deposit.

Do you offer a payment plan or accept deposits?

We do not offer a payment plan but we do accept a 25% deposit toward purchase price to hold an item for up to 10 days. If you change your mind or do not pay in full at the end of 10 days then you will be refunded the deposit minus a 10% restocking/relisting fee (of purchase price). That 10% can be used as credit towards a future purchase in our store for up to 1 year.

Why do you keep so many sold items on your website?

We keep a portion of our sold items listed so people can research their own items (everything we know about a piece including history, maker and designer is noted in the listing description)

We do not keep all of our sold items listed, we try to keep our shop page to 300 items or less so we do purge items from time to time.  

Do you buy pieces from individuals?

No we don't. 

Do you sand and refinish?

Yes and no...We will occasionally sand and refinish if the wood is extremely damaged. Our usual 5 step restoration process does not include sanding or staining. We are different than most Mid Century dealers in that most dealers will sell items in the same condition they acquired them, or they will completely sand and re-stain. Our process is different, we operate by the premise that you can never duplicate the original. Pieces that are sanded and stained will always have that "refinished look". The 5 step restoration process we employ will clean, nourish, remove scuffing/paint, hydrate, and bring out the ORIGINAL finish. All joints are tightened, drawers are cleaned, missing hardware replaced, and all metal/chrome polished. We go over every inch of our items before they leave our showroom and keep them as authentic as possible. In our opinion, sanding and staining a designer Mid Century or antique piece will only diminish the value as the vintage authenticity and character is lost. Our goal is to get the piece back to what it was when it was new. There might be minor light scratches or marks from use over the course of it's life, but overall it will look as it was intended to look. 

Do you sell Mid Century reproductions?

We never sell Mid Century reproductions. Most all of our items are 40-70 years old and in excellent condition, however some vintage character from use should be expected. Any exceptions to this will be noted in the listing description. From time to time we do sell newer or older items but we never sell MCM reproductions. We have very high standards at Dirty Girls Restoration and take our time with every piece we sell.

Is the piece veneer?

This is our most asked question and unfortunately the word "veneer" seems to be associated with "poor quality" in todays world. However, that is not the case when it comes to Mid Century or Antique furniture.  For those of you not familiar with furniture restoration - finished wood pieces are constructed with either solid wood or fiberboard/pressed wood, then the outer layer is either laminate veneer or solid wood veneer. Veneer is how you get the finished streamlined graining. The veneer layer is what is stained and clear coated. If you have a piece "refinished" they are sanding and staining the veneer layer. If you sand too deeply (as when trying to get out a really deep scratch) you could potentially sand thru the veneer layer which is not good. The unfinished wood underneath will never match the finished graining of the veneer layer.

The only exceptions to veneered finished wood furniture would include such things as outdoor furniture - as in a picnic table, more primitive/rustic pieces, some older antique furniture, or if you see an an actual slab of wood that has been made into something like a coffee table (looks like a tree trunk).

With that said, most new furniture is constructed with pressed wood/fiberboard construction. High quality Mid Century furniture was almost always constructed with solid wood and dovetailed joints, (which is why it is so much heavier than new furniture you buy in stores today) and finished with solid wood veneer. Your finer antiques will also have solid wood veneer. The more commonly made or less expensive Mid Century pieces will have laminate finishes and/or pressed wood construction.

Most everything we sell is designer Mid Century furniture and as such have solid wood construction with solid wood veneer. Otherwise we always note in the description if we have a piece that is laminate.

Where do you get your inventory?

This is the question we get asked by literally everyone who visits our store. Quite frankly we don't understand why people ask this. We can't imagine going into any store (new or used) and asking the owner where they source their inventory. Still...the short answer to that question is "everywhere". There is never a time we aren't looking for unique items to bring to our inventory. We rarely source locally.

My attention span only reached the first 2 words in your name/logo and now I think you are either in the adult industry or clean houses, can you tell me which one is correct?

I've read over your website, now I would like to call and ask you the exact same questions over the phone, how do I get in touch with you?

Sure - We can be reached at 740-507-7330 or email

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