The Natchez Solution


The all natural wood product that we use personally in our shop. It nourishes, cleans, fills in light scratches, and brings out the original finish on all of your wood pieces. Use it on furniture, hardwood floors, mantels, or any wood surface.
Price includes FREE SHIPPING to the continental United States, tax is already included in the price.
There are two reasons for The Natchez Solution's success. One is the selection of oils in the formula which are heat-blended with raw beeswax and lemon oil to "feed" the wood and bring out its luster; the other is the method used to suspend the all-natural ingredients so they won't separate and leave behind the age-old problem of wax build-up. The wax and oils feed into the wood together and replace the lost sap to keep the wood alive. This prevents furniture from cracking and splitting and drawers from sticking as a result of age and natural wear and tear.
The Natchez Solution is a truly natural product which contains no silicones, alcohol, lacquers, turpentine, or detergents. It resists finger smudges and water staining as no other product of which we are aware on the market today!