RARE 1970's Zenith Allegro MC 4000 Audiophile 3 Way Speaker Pair, Foster Tweeter


Vintage, top of the line speakers - Zenith Allegro MC 4000 from the late 1970's. These are in excellent original condition with a nice full sound. The midrange and tweeter are highly regarded Foster units and ALL ORIGINAL. The woofers have a treated accordion edge that won't dry rot like most foam edge woofers. These will never need re-foamed. Heavy magnet for maximum woofer cone excursion. This reduces distortion and produces natural sound. They have front mounted level controls for the tweeters and mid-range units. Nice sound quality comparable to Klipsch Heresy. The cabinets are in excellent condition with only very minor marks typical of use. This is a pristine pair of high quality vintage speakers! A video (shot with a cell phone microphone) of them in use can be found here:

Height - 28"
Width - 17"
Depth (with grills) - 14"

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