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Because our website is visible in the state of California and because we ship to CA as well, we are required by law to provided information about the new Proposition 65 that was passed in the state of CA.

Here at Dirty Girls Restoration we strive to be a green, holistic company. We use products such as vinegar and nut/fruit oils in our restorations. We rarely use chemicals or stains but do so on occasion if the piece requires sanding. We do use new fabrics and some of our items have brass and other metals on them. All of our pieces are 40-100+ years old and we did not manufacture them therefore we do not know what materials or chemicals were used in the original production process, however the majority of what Prop 65 covers is in regards to newly manufactured furniture that is still off-gassing. For full information regarding furniture warnings for Prop 65 in CA please visit the following website: