"Lyon" is a gorgeous home in East Tennessee. It was built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1957. The home has solid wood beam ceilings, glass walls, terrazzo floors, and 4 levels that correspond with the natural landscape. It sits on 1 acre with an unusual shaped patio off the back which has a built-in fountain. This is a one owner home which was constructed and occupied by one of the lead scientists on the Manhattan project. Researching the homes history, it has hosted several parties with an invite list that included noted scientists well respected in their field as well as Nobel peace prize winners.

When we acquired the home it had been vacant for 3 years, the original owner had passed away in 2013. The bones of this house were incredible but a lot of work needed to be done to bring this beauty back to life. We are in the process of doing just that, taking great care not to alter the original design of the home. We have great respect for this home and are excited about the final restoration!





"In Progress"

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