Dirty Girls Blog

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Nov 27 2016 09:02PM

The one question we get asked the most is "where do you find your inventory?". The answer is "everywhere". Quite frankly there is never a time we aren't picking. If there is something we like and have to have, we will drive most any distance to pick it up. We usually start out in our truck and end up pulling a trailer full home. Beyond looking for the most amazing pieces to bring back to our shop, we also check out every Mid Century and vintage store in whatever town we are driving thru. We like to see what other sellers are doing or not doing, what the inventory in that part of the country looks like, etc....So at this point we have been in hundreds and hundreds of shops all over the country. We can tell you that 98% of Mid Century and vintage dealers sell items in the exact same condition they acquired them. That last 2% consists of dealers who "wipe off" their items before pricing, and the other is the high end dealers who completely sand down and refinish/reupholster their items so that they look new. Those same dealers who refinish usually always sell Mid Century reproductions as well, and their prices on both are usually high end also.

In our years of scouring shops we have yet to see another dealer that does what we do, and that's what makes us different.