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By Dirty Girls Restoration, May 11 2018 01:45PM

First off, I'm a little sad about this blog topic. With Mid Century design nearing it's 70th anniversary, Mid Century "Style" has made a huge comeback the past couple of years. Don't get me wrong, the collectors have always been around and it's always been a unique and sought after design style - but today you can't do a search for Mid Century anything without a million reproductions filling up the screen.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Jan 3 2018 03:38PM

Shipping is the part of our business that takes up the most time. It is what we receive the most questions on, the thing we end up explaining the most to customers, the thing we take the most scrutiny on, and the one thing that is most misunderstood by customers.

It's not the customers' fault, shipping is a highly confusing thing in this day and age with mega online retailers offering to ship you a "New" Mid Century Style sofa for FREE right to your door. Of course it came in a box and needs some assembly (and some air to poof out), but hey - its a sofa....and it's free shipping! Or another large online retailer will deliver their custom made "New" Mid Century Style sofa to you (white glove) for only $99....that's a hell of a deal, you just have to pay $1800 for their sofa.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Oct 28 2017 07:12PM

Everyone gets the warm fuzzies when they stumble upon a golden nugget that reminds them of their childhood which is now labeled as "vintage". Not "antique", unless you are well over the Centenarian mark, because to qualify as "antique" it must be over 100 years old. Currently, making anything made before 1917 "antique". Vintage, Mid Century, Mid Century Modern, Retro, Art Deco, Atomic, Kitsch....these are some terms that are used for items of age that are not yet "antiques". Being in this business for several years now we have noticed how most people interchange these terms when there are very clear lines as to what separates them.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Oct 31 2016 02:28PM

Anna and I (Amy) met on 11/11/11 (strangely enough). At that time Anna was a business manager for an environmental company and had been so for the past 8 years. She had also just completed a 3 year project renovating an old 1800's farm house completely by herself. The farmhouse was essentially taken down to the studs, she moved walls, built walls, added rooms onto the back and even hired a company to jack up the entire home, remove the existing foundation and pour a new one which included an amazing basement with 10ft ceilings.