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By Dirty Girls Restoration, Jan 3 2018 03:38PM

Shipping is the part of our business that takes up the most time. It is what we receive the most questions on, the thing we end up explaining the most to customers, the thing we take the most scrutiny on, and the one thing that is most misunderstood by customers.

It's not the customers' fault, shipping is a highly confusing thing in this day and age with mega online retailers offering to ship you a "New" Mid Century Style sofa for FREE right to your door. Of course it came in a box and needs some assembly (and some air to poof out), but hey - its a sofa....and it's free shipping! Or another large online retailer will deliver their custom made "New" Mid Century Style sofa to you (white glove) for only $99....that's a hell of a deal, you just have to pay $1800 for their sofa.