Dirty Girls Blog

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Jan 23 2017 09:16PM

Let me start by saying, we highly discourage anyone from giving their money or time to the people behind the Chairish website.

So back in 2014 we were minding our own business, selling on different platforms and loving what we were doing. We received an email from someone who worked for Chairish (which we had never heard of) who essentially tried to "woo" us to sell on their site. She was really talking up our business, telling us all the great things Chairish could do for us. They were marketing to high end buyers and designers and seemed like they were trying to find a niche somewhere above Etsy, yet below 1stdibs. They wanted the best of the best. Wanted us to do a photo shoot (on our own dime), get 50 items listed, they would feature us, market our shop, etc....