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By Dirty Girls Restoration, Oct 27 2016 03:50PM

This is a 2 part blog of our experience to date on the work we have had performed on our Mid Century house in TN.

As most everyone is aware we do the majority of the restoration work ourselves, ie: plumbing, general wiring, drywall, painting, tiling, flooring, etc.... However things we don't do are roofs, HVAC replacements, whole house electrical and panel re-wires, or specialty work such as large concrete jobs.

After closing, our first order of business (inside the house) was electrical.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Sep 27 2016 12:00PM

Some advice and a bit of a rant....Most people (unless trained in environmental) don't realize some of the hazards involved in home restoration or how to protect themselves. The one I'm going to touch on today is the one causing us a headache at the moment. Anytime you hire a contractor to do any sort of concrete work, tile, terrazzo, stone, quartz, marble, etc....there is a chance that toxic silica dust could be in your home (if they don't do their job correctly). Concrete, quartz, marble, stone, etc...contain crystalline silica. When those materials are ground, cut, drilled or disturbed....silica dust occurs. (That is why you should always mix thinset/mortar outside, as well as do all your cutting outside as well!)