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Is 2018 Over Yet??

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Dec 20 2018 01:45PM

I don't know about you, but this has been one of the most challenging years for us. If something could go wrong, it absolutely has this year! Especially the last 6 months.

Everywhere we turn there is a new problem we need to deal with, ie: 3rd party companies we rely on to operate our business dropping the ball, people just not wanting to work, shipments getting lost or damaged, companies with zero customer service or accountability, technical issues out the wazoo, and quite frankly more than our fair share of asshole people. We keep puttering along, ignoring all the crap flying our way and continue to run our business the way we think it should be run - offering a quality product, excellent customer service and picking up the balls everyone around us are seeming to drop. But seriously we have started to think we are one of the few businesses left in this country that gives a damn. And maybe that's the problem. The point of this blog is basically to say, if your year has been shitz - baby you are not alone!!

I personally think people are so tired of dealing with all the insanity in our society right now that they are just checking out. They don't care...about anything. I know we have been there more than a few times ourselves. Wanting to throw our phones out the window, close the doors and say "F" it. Maybe buying the remote plot of land in nowhere USA and building off-grid...no phone, no computer, no social media, no politics, no news, no car, no traffic, no people.....ahhhhh..... Heck yeah we have been there. But ultimately that's not the answer...(at least not yet...ha).

Our one word to sum up 2018?..."frustrating"...or maybe..."seriously???"... I know a lot of you have been experiencing the same things. Just thought I'd throw out a "keep your chin up, throw your shoulders back and stand tall", things will get better....change is the one thing you can always count on - so embrace it! Stay positive and push thru, the end of year is in sight and with it brand new energy flowing in!!!

Cheers! Enjoy your holidays and Happy New Year!!!

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