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By Dirty Girls Restoration, Dec 20 2018 01:45PM

I don't know about you, but this has been one of the most challenging years for us. If something could go wrong, it absolutely has this year! Especially the last 6 months.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Oct 26 2018 04:08PM

This blog post is based off of our experience shipping Greyhound for the past 5 years from terminals mostly in Ohio and Tennessee. I want it to be known that we have a lot of respect for the employees of Greyhound and even greater respect for those employees that remain employees for more than a few weeks. In order to be a long term Greyhound employee you have to have a thick skin, can't take anything personally, need an amazing sense of humor plus an enormous amount of patience. Hats off to the ones that can stick it out knowing they will be cussed out and treated like crap pretty much every single day by people who are rude and more often than not under the influence of something.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, May 11 2018 01:45PM

First off, I'm a little sad about this blog topic. With Mid Century design nearing it's 70th anniversary, Mid Century "Style" has made a huge comeback the past couple of years. Don't get me wrong, the collectors have always been around and it's always been a unique and sought after design style - but today you can't do a search for Mid Century anything without a million reproductions filling up the screen.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Jan 3 2018 03:38PM

Shipping is the part of our business that takes up the most time. It is what we receive the most questions on, the thing we end up explaining the most to customers, the thing we take the most scrutiny on, and the one thing that is most misunderstood by customers.

It's not the customers' fault, shipping is a highly confusing thing in this day and age with mega online retailers offering to ship you a "New" Mid Century Style sofa for FREE right to your door. Of course it came in a box and needs some assembly (and some air to poof out), but hey - its a sofa....and it's free shipping! Or another large online retailer will deliver their custom made "New" Mid Century Style sofa to you (white glove) for only $99....that's a hell of a deal, you just have to pay $1800 for their sofa.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Oct 28 2017 07:12PM

Everyone gets the warm fuzzies when they stumble upon a golden nugget that reminds them of their childhood which is now labeled as "vintage". Not "antique", unless you are well over the Centenarian mark, because to qualify as "antique" it must be over 100 years old. Currently, making anything made before 1917 "antique". Vintage, Mid Century, Mid Century Modern, Retro, Art Deco, Atomic, Kitsch....these are some terms that are used for items of age that are not yet "antiques". Being in this business for several years now we have noticed how most people interchange these terms when there are very clear lines as to what separates them.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Jan 23 2017 09:16PM

Let me start by saying, we highly discourage anyone from giving their money or time to the people behind the Chairish website.

So back in 2014 we were minding our own business, selling on different platforms and loving what we were doing. We received an email from someone who worked for Chairish (which we had never heard of) who essentially tried to "woo" us to sell on their site. She was really talking up our business, telling us all the great things Chairish could do for us. They were marketing to high end buyers and designers and seemed like they were trying to find a niche somewhere above Etsy, yet below 1stdibs. They wanted the best of the best. Wanted us to do a photo shoot (on our own dime), get 50 items listed, they would feature us, market our shop, etc....

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Nov 27 2016 09:02PM

The one question we get asked the most is "where do you find your inventory?". The answer is "everywhere". Quite frankly there is never a time we aren't picking. If there is something we like and have to have, we will drive most any distance to pick it up. We usually start out in our truck and end up pulling a trailer full home. Beyond looking for the most amazing pieces to bring back to our shop, we also check out every Mid Century and vintage store in whatever town we are driving thru. We like to see what other sellers are doing or not doing, what the inventory in that part of the country looks like, etc....So at this point we have been in hundreds and hundreds of shops all over the country. We can tell you that 98% of Mid Century and vintage dealers sell items in the exact same condition they acquired them. That last 2% consists of dealers who "wipe off" their items before pricing, and the other is the high end dealers who completely sand down and refinish/reupholster their items so that they look new. Those same dealers who refinish usually always sell Mid Century reproductions as well, and their prices on both are usually high end also.

In our years of scouring shops we have yet to see another dealer that does what we do, and that's what makes us different.

By Dirty Girls Restoration, Nov 11 2016 11:54PM

As most of you know, we have not been able to live in our home since September 12th due to contractor negligence. During this entire process of insurance approval and attorneys we have been jumping from rental house to rental house with the help of airbnb and vrbo. We have stayed at some great places and overall its been a really good experience given the circumstances.

We were hoping by mid November this whole mess would be behind us, but unfortunately we are most likely looking at another month. Well, since Thanksgiving is coming up there are literally no rentals available around this area. So we had the choice of putting a tent in our backyard and showering at the gym or renting a furnished apartment for a month. We had no idea what we were in for...