I can honestly say that when we started this.....tearing out the plaster of an 1862 Gothic Revival in 90 degree weather - it was the dirtiest I have EVER been in my life!  Moments like the pic below is how we came up with our name.....:)


Anna Hoam is a business manager with a passion for history and saving historic homes.  She also has mad skills in design, framing, electrical, lancscaping, and making things beautiful!  


Amy Sams  spent several years working for HGTV/Scripps Networks,  as well as a 20 year career in Television and Technology.  She loves tiling, lighting, plumbing, drywall, painting, showing men that women DO know their way around a hardware store,  and most importantly - bringing beautiful things back to life.....


.....and they BOTH have a passion for Mid Century Design!

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Sewer line replacement fun in 150yr old house

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At Dirty Girls Restoration we have 2 passions....Mid Century Design and Home Restoration! We put great attention to detail and sweat into everything we do. We don't have a group of contractors following us around nor any furniture movers on staff. Most everything we do, we do ourselves! Our client list includes home owners, interior designers, celebrities, and movie sets from every corner of the world. We use only quality shippers that understand the value of the pieces we sell, and we stand behind everything we do!


Our restoration services are not for hire.  We do offer design consultations (residential or corporate), home staging, photography, construction, landscape and restoration consultations. Please see our sister site for full information and rates - www.BentwoodLoft.com